About TGardener, LLC

Since the mid 2000’s, growing plants from seeds has been a passion of mine. I get much more enjoyment from growing marigolds and zinnias, for example, from seeds than purchasing live plants from a nursery.  I also get great satisfaction from passing on what I’ve learned to others.

In 2011 a friend of mine introduced me to the Tower Garden and I became hooked.  We live in northern Indiana and to be able to grow veggies from seeds indoors, all year around, was amazing.

As I learned more about how to grow on a Tower Garden, I began to see how they were being used in school classrooms to help students learn healthy eating habits and the fun of gardening. In 2015 I met with the superintendent of Warsaw Community Schools, Dr. David Hoffert. I shared with him how I thought Tower Gardens could be useful to students in the classroom.  Dr. Hoffert jumped on the idea and, through a generous grant from K-21 Health Foundation, 15 Tower Gardens were purchased for the schools in the Warsaw, Indiana, school system.  It was then that I became a distributor for Tower Gardens and formed TGardener, LLC.

The Marion County 4-H in Indianapolis is also a customer of mine.  So far they have 14 Tower Gardens in schools and organizations in the Indianapolis area with plans for more.

In the same way I believe God provides the resources in a seed to produce a plant, He’s also providing the resources for me to combine the gardening I enjoy with the teaching I love.

Steve Koontz
TGardener, LLC