Rockwool Seed Starting Kit



Turn This…


Rockwool Cube Starter



Into This…



It Starts With The Cube

The Cube makes it easier to handle the rockwool as the seedlings are growing. Each Cube holds a standard Tower Garden size 1.5″ rockwool square. The Cube has a hole in the bottom for easy watering. Plus the hole makes it easy to poke out the rockwool once the seedlings are large enough to place in the Tower Garden. 28 Cubes come in the kit.

No where else will you find the Cube.  It was created and is sold exclusively by TGardener.

Add a High-Quality Tray

At 15″ L X 9″ W X 2.5″ H, the tray is large enough to hold 28 rockwool Cubes.  The tray is durable because it’s made of injection-molded plastic.



Toss in Enough Rockwool


28 pieces of rockwool come with the kit.

Finish with 28 Reusable Plant Tags

These 2″ plant tags tuck neatly between the rockwool and the side of the Cube. When the plants are large enough to place in the Tower Garden, transfer the plant tags with them for easy identification. 28 plant tags in various colors come with the kit.

The plant tags can be written on with permanent marker, then erased using a white-board marker in order to reuse them.  Both a permanent marker and a white-board marker come with the set. 


Rockwool Cubes

The Full Seed Starting Kit 

Wait!  No vermiculite?

The Tower Gardens come with vermiculite and the instructions say to sprinkle vermiculite over the seeds.  But we recommend starting seeds in the dark using one of these seed starting methods on our support page. Starting seeds in the dark is a more consistent way of getting seeds to sprout.

Order the complete Seed Starting Kit now through PayPal for $46 each, plus $10 shipping within the continental U.S. 
Email [email protected] for shipping outside the continental U.S.