My wife chuckled when I told her that I needed to work out a plan to rotate my crops through the Tower Garden.  It still sounds funny when I use farmer language referring to the Tower Garden.

But here’s why I need the rotation plan.  A local restaurant wants me to provide them with 5 arugula plants (what grows from each tower pot) each week.  My Tower Garden has 20 pots available.  The arugula should harvest in 35 days.  With this rotation, I’m hoping to provide the 5 plants a week, but only use 15 pots.

Here’s the plan.  We’ll see how close I get to it. Click the links under “Set of 5” to see the progress.

Set of 5 Plant seeds Place in Tower Re-plant seeds Harvest
Set 1  April 9 (Done)  April 24 (done)  May 2 (done) May 19 (done)
Set 2 April 18 (Done) May 2 (done)  May 9 (done) May 23 (done)
Set 3 April 25 (Done) May 9 (done) May 16 (done) May 30

May 28

Tragedy struck. I checked the Tower Garden and found wilting arugula. After about 5 years, the pump quit working and I didn’t have a spare on hand.  It was a week later before I got another pump working.  Lesson learned.  Buy a spare pump.  There were only 2 days left until the harvest of set 3.  The rotation was working to provide 5 arugula plants per week, so I’ll call this experiment a success.