For Your School

Find out how your classroom can benefit from a Tower Garden

In Your Home

Grow fresh produce in your home or on your porch.

Why Grow in Your Classroom?

Growing in your classroom provides a living, project based learning and problem based learning environment where kids can be taught science, but also math and English.

Why Grow on a Tower Garden?

A Tower Garden uses no soil, just water and a nutrient called Tower Tonic.  There are no weeds, few bugs, and lettuces and herbs grow well in a classroom. The Tower Garden takes up just 3 square feet of floor space and fits well in the corner of a classroom. Read more…

About TGardener, LLC

Since the mid 2000’s, growing plants from seeds has been a passion of mine. I get much more enjoyment from growing marigolds and zinnias, for example, from seeds than purchasing live plants from a nursery.  I also get great satisfaction from passing on what I’ve learned to others. Read more…