In Your Home

Grow fresh produce in your home or on your porch.

For Your School

Enhancing School Classrooms Through Indoor Gardening

Why Grow in Your Classroom?

Growing in your classroom provides a living, project based learning and problem based learning environment where kids can be taught science, but also math and English.

Why Grow on a Tower Garden?

A Tower Garden uses no soil, just water and a nutrient called Tower Tonic.  There are no weeds, few bugs, and lettuces and herbs grow well in a classroom. The Tower Garden takes up just 3 square feet of floor space and fits well in the corner of a classroom. Read more…

About TGardener, LLC

Since the mid 2000’s, growing plants from seeds has been a passion of mine. I get much more enjoyment from growing marigolds and zinnias, for example, from seeds than purchasing live plants from a nursery.  I also get great satisfaction from passing on what I’ve learned to others. Read more…