In order to grow vegetables indoors, you need to understand what a plant needs to grow well outdoors.

Plants need three things to grow well outdoors.They need light, water, and nutrient. If any one of these is lacking, the plant will suffer. Light outdoors comes from the sun. Most vegetables need 6-8 hours of sun each day. The water comes from rain or your garden hose. Most outdoor gardens do well with 1″ of water per week. Plants do not need soil. They need the nutrient that comes from the soil.

The Tower Garden bring indoors what a plant needs to grow well.

The lights reproduce the sun.The water comes from your tap and is placed into the tub. The nutrients (Mineral Blend) are added to the water.

The easiest vegetables to grow indoor are lettuces and herbs. Fruiting vegetables are more difficult because the light requirements are different. See the article “Can I Grow Tomatoes Indoors on a Tower Garden?”

If you have your Tower Garden outside, then the sun provides the light. This makes it much easier to grow fruiting plants.