The weekly maintenance for indoor growing is usually very consistent  The water level drops about the same amount each week.

A regular outdoor watering can works well as it takes about 1 watering can per week to refill the green tub.  Don’t use softened water or very hard water.

Once the water is added, measure out 50 ml of Tower Tonic A and 50 ml of Tower Tonic B for every full watering can poured into the Tower Garden. Add the Tower Tonic separately.  (Don’t mix them)

Use the pH test kit to test the pH of the water in the green tub. Put 5 ml of water from the Tower Garden into the vial. Drip 5 drops of the solution into the vial and compare the color with the test strip. The pH should be within 5.5 and 6.5.  Use about 10 ml of the pH Up or pH Down as needed to bring the pH to the correct number. (Further Instructions come with the test kit.)